Motorized Louvered Pergolas


Cliff’s Pools & Patios offers motorized pergolas with louvered roofs or sandwich panels.  These protect from the sun, rain and snow and provide natural ventilation.  The designs are super clean, with no visible hardware and an integrated gutter system.

Our R-BLADE & R-SHADE pergolas are waterproof & wind-resistant. The structure will not rust (15-year guarantee).

Product Options

  • Rain and Wind sensor
  • Led dimmable lights
  • Beam for ceiling fan
  • Powder coated wood finishing


Our products are backed by a long manufacturer warranty:

  • Powder coating: 15 year warranty
  • Structures: 15 year warranty
  • Motorization: 5 year warranty

Louvered Pergola Gallery

Cliff’s Pools & Patios is proud to offer:

  • Motorized pergolas
  • Louvered pergolas
  • Automated pergolas
  • Retractable roof pergolas
  • Retractable pergola canopy
  • Retractable pergolas
  • Waterproof pergola covers
  • Retractable gazebo pergolas
  • Adjustable shade pergolas
  • Retractable pergola covers
  • Retractable pergola shades
  • Retractable canopy
  • Sun blocking pergolas
  • Retractable awnings
  • Retractable pergola canopy
  • Retractable roof pergolas
  • Retractable pergolas
  • Louvered pergolas